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Has your teeth been sensitive to other whitening products, can you use GLO products? 

GLO science innovation has been designed to eliminate problems of sensitivity. The whitening gel is alcohol-and carbamide perioxide free. Those ingredients commonly cause sensitivity and dry out the gums. GLO Brilliant Whitening Gel does not migrate onto gums and other soft tissue. It is thixotropic -- meaning it stays in place-- so you get a whiter smile without discomfort. 

Is the LED light safe? Im concerned about the blue light.

GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Systemuses LED's (light emitting diodes) that emitt blue light. Blue light has a wavelength of approximately of 470 nm (nanometers) and is part of the "visible light spectrum", which ranges from approximately 400 nm to 700 nm. It is completely harmless and has no negative effect to the human body at all. 

How is the GLO Brilliant Whitening G-Vial Gel different from other formulas?

Hydrogen perioxide is inherently unstable and needs to be in a sealed environment to maintain potency. The G-Vial is a proprietary system that keeps the whitening gel fresh and active using a hermitically sealed vial that keeps oxygen molecules from escaping. The G-Vial's easy-to- apply brush tip applicator allows for easy targeting of the gel onto teeth, avoiding the lips & gums and preventing sensitivity. 

Will the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device work on bonded teeth. porcelain veneers and dental implants?

Yes, GLO Brilliant Whitening will lift the stain; brightening porcelain veneers and bonded teeth, implants-- or any artifical tooth surface. It will not make your teeth any whiter then the shade your dentist made you, but it will take off stains without any harm. 

Can GLO Whitening be used on teeth that had fillings with composite resin?

Composite resin is a white filling. They are shaded generally to match the natural tooth. GLO can be used safely on this surface. However, you may want to have the dentist make them whiter to match a whiter smile. 

How white can I get my smile? 

Some of it is up to you; some is up to Mother Nature. Your tooth enamel is a unique shade by birth. GLO Brilliant will get your teeth as white and bright as they can be. 

If I have sensitive gums are there any precautions? 

Apply the lip care to the gum area. This will create a barrier to protect the gums from any sensitvity. 

We look foward to the oppurtiunity to serve you, if you have any questions regarding the GLO whitening kit please visit their webiste at http://gloscience.com/pages/faq

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